Ben Wood

Ben has worked in the mobile industry since the early 1990s. He has been collecting mobile phones for more than 25 years and has an encyclopaedic knowledge that spans hundreds of devices launched over the last three decades.

He is the primary driving force behind the Mobile Phone Museum project with the goal of creating the world's largest independent collection of mobile phones.

Favourite Phone: Nokia 2110

Matt Chatterley

Matt's love of mobile phones began at Nokia in 1993 and he has since worked in numerous roles in the telecoms industry. He is currently Director, Devices at BT.

He has been collecting mobile phones for over two decades and joined forces with the Mobile Phone Museum in 2019. His experience and knowledge has been invaluable as the project has evolved.

Favourite phone: Nokia 9000 Communicator

Michael Walker

Michael is an consumer electronics veteran with considerable experience leading acquisitions, company restructuring and start-ups in the wireless, telecom and electronics industries.

His wealth of experience building and running businesses brings valuable commercial expertise to the Mobile Phone Museum project.

Favourite phone: Motorola DynaTAC 8000x

Martin Rowlatt

Martin is an expert on all aspects of branding, and has worked for leading agencies in the field, including Interbrand and WPP Group. He now owns and operates his own strategic brand consultancy, The Impact Business.

He is deeply involved in the Mobile Phone Museum project, providing advice on its branding strategy, website development and more.

Favourite Phone: Nokia 2110

Will Wood

Will is a talented videographer and is the primary content creator for the Mobile Phone Museum, as well as overseeing and maintaining the website. He is currently studying Media Technology at the University of Salford.

Having been surrounded by mobile technology for his entire life, he has a rich understanding of it.

Favourite Phone: Nokia 8110

Steve Masters

Steve is a Green councillor for West Berkshire Council. He is also a trustee of the Eight Bells for Mental Health charity.

He has been involved in numerous charity projects and brings tremendous experience to the Mobile Phone Museum project.

Favourite phone: Silent Circle Blackphone

Kamil Vacek

Kamil is a highly successful entrepreneur who founded and runs one of the largest mobile phone distribution companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

He is passionate about the Mobile Phone Museum project and has generously supported it as part of his wider philanthropic work.

Favourite phone: Samsung SPH-N270 Matrix Phone

Nix Wood

Nix leads the Mobile Phone Museum's education team developing our workshops and supporting our numerous educational initiatives.

Nix has a long track record in primary education as a teaching assistant and teacher working with children in Key Stage 1 and 2.

Favourite Phone: Siemens SL55

Lottie Harding

Lottie is part of the Mobile Phone Museum's education team. As well as being an accomplished primary school teacher, Lottie also has extensive experience in the technology industry having working at Vodafone at the inception of 2G GSM technology and at Three UK as pioneer for 3G services when the network launched in the mid-2000s.

Favourite Phone: Nokia 3210