19 October 2005

80 grams



The 7380, was part of Nokia’s L’Amour collection, and was announced at the same time as the Nokia 7360 and Nokia 7370. Nokia described these three “trend-inspired mobile phones” as “continuing to push the boundaries of mobile phone design”. The company stated that the models in the L'Amour Collection offered “a beautiful mix of contrasts - infusing cultural and ethnic influences with luxurious touches of the unexpected.” It claimed that “hints of vintage and craftsmanship, are fused with natural materials, colours and patterns, all carefully crafted and layered with a passion for detail.” The 7380 was a second-generation version of the Nokia 7280 ‘lipstick’ phone, however it did not slide open to reveal the camera. It is believed that this was because there was a potential intellectual property issue with a major camera maker over the sliding design. Instead it featured a two-megapixel camera that was always visible. The 7380 had a high-quality display hidden behind a reflective screen to enable it to be a mirror when the screen was off. It used the same iPod-esque scroll wheel as the 7280 which made navigating the menu and sending text messages extremely challenge. To aid making phone calls the device had 'voice dialling' capability.  In an age where people swapped phones more often, the 7380 was seen as a ‘night out’ phone. This approach has disappeared in the smartphone era where most people put their SIM card into their phone on day one and only swap it when they upgrade the phone. When it was launched it cost approximately €500.