05. 10. 2022

The James Bond Phone Collection

So called “James Bond Day” and the 60th anniversary of the first Bond film, Dr No, provided a great opportunity to celebrate the mobile phones featured in the James Bond franchise that are included in the Mobile Phone Museum collection.

A particularly unique item that we are proud to own is the Ericsson JB988 which were lucky enough to have made by the talented team at Phase Two Design.

This fictional creation is famous for folding open and transforming into a touch pad remote control that allowed James Bond to drive his BMW 750iL from the back seat of the car. Additional features included a fingerprint scanner, lock pick and a 20,000 volt taser.

We believe this is the first JB988 to include all the movie features at the original size, as seen in the film.

The museum also has an extensive collection of mobile phones featured in the James Bond films can be found here. The vast majority of devices were made by Sony Ericsson but there are also phones from Ericsson, HMD Global (Nokia Mobile), Samsung and Sony with some of the details of which films they featured in.

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26. 09. 2022

Helping Celebrate 20 Years of the Mobile Industry Awards

The Mobile Phone Museum team recently attended the glitzy Mobile Industry Awards which was celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2022. The organisers and sponsors, which include Genuine Solutions, a long-time supporter of the Mobile Phone Museum project, asked whether we would be prepared to come along to the evening to showcase some icons from the museum collection.

Thanks to some generous support from Vodafone UK, we purchased an exhibition stand and enjoyed a fun evening telling some of the key figures from the UK mobile industry about the Mobile Phone Museum and its goals.

Mia22 005

As part of the event, the Mobile Industry Awards team arranged a BYOP initiative – with BYOP standing for “Bring Your Old Phones”. This helped raise awareness of the museum’s goal of adding as many interesting devices to its collection as possible. Several phones were donated during the evening, including a couple that we did not already have!

Mia22 015

Many thanks to all involved. We had a great evening and appreciated the enthusiasm for the project from so many people – as well as a number of offers of some very rare devices that are on our “Most Wanted” list. Fingers crossed on the Samsung Matrix Phone coming our way!

Image credits: Mobile Industry Awards 2022

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03. 07. 2022

Nothing to See Here!

To coincide with the launch activities of a new, disruptive smartphone from intriguingly named connected device maker Nothing, our founder Ben Wood was interviewed for a "teaser film" that featured on YouTube and other social media channels (see below).

At the time of this blog being posted, the episode had already had over 750,000 views with interest rapidly building in the Nothing venture that has been set up by entrepreneur, Carl Pei. Mr Pei was previously one of the co-founders of smartphone brand OnePlus, some of whose phones are already included in the Mobile Phone Museum collection.

Ben reflected on phone design, the challenges of bringing a new phone to market, and also showcased some of the museum collection including the iconic Nokia N-Gage and the Bosch 509e – which we believe to be one of the first phones to feature a translucent plastic casing. This was important as the Nothing phone (1) has a translucent back cover. We hope the Nothing device will soon become the latest addition to the Mobile Phone Museum collection.

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31. 05. 2022

Mobile Phones: The Antiques of the Future?

As interest in the Mobile Phone Museum project continues to grow, the team was delighted to have its founder, Ben Wood, appear on Channel 5. This is the UK’s third largest commercial channel, which is owned by ViacomCBS Networks International. The channel claims an audience reach of 40 million viewers every month.

Some of the museum’s collection was featured as part of an “antiques of the future” slot. Ben discussed the growing interest in vintage mobile phones from the last 35 years and the upwards trend in prices of particularly rare and iconic models.

For those in the UK, the show will be available on demand until 22 November 2026 and the segment featuring the Mobile Phone Museum can be found at 30 mins and 33 seconds.

If you are a media company interested in historic mobile phones or antiques of the future and would like to feature our colletion or spokespeople, please contact the Mobile Phone Museum team on media@mobilephonemuseum.com

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24. 12. 2021

2021 – A Breakthrough Year for the Mobile Phone Museum

The end of the year provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made with the Mobile Phone Museum project in 2021. To be honest we’ve exceeded all our wildest expectations and the reception to the initiative has been phenomenal.

After years of planning, and months of hard work building and populating the museum website, the venture was officially launched at a memorable in-person event in Soho, London.

None of this would have been possible without the fantastic support from our lead sponsor, Vodafone UK, and a highlights video is embedded below which provides a snapshot of the launch event.

The launch event helped generate plenty of publicity for the Mobile Phone Museum with major media outlets such as the BBC covering the museum. Furthermore, the initiative also got noticed by people in the museum world, including this excellent article by the Museums + Heritage Advisor.

Thanks to generous donations from industry friends and members of the public we have managed to add nine of our “most wanted” devices to the collection and we have also increased the number of devices by a further 200 phones.

Other highlights included being approved by the Charity Commission with a designation covering education, training, arts, culture, heritage and science.

We also secured an entry on Wikipedia.

As we enter 2022, we will continue enhancing the collection, adding high quality imagery and completing write-ups for key products that have been added. Furthermore, we hope to expand our education programme with some pilot school visits planned for January 2022 (subject to Covid restrictions). We’ll also be focusing on fundraising to further develop the museum and expand its reach.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in the project for their support this year.

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17. 12. 2021

Mobile Phone Museum Supports Young Collector

Following the Mobile Phone Museum launch event and the subsequent coverage on the BBC, we were contacted by aspiring mobile phone enthusiast, Lewis E, who asked if he could visit the Museum.

Lewis had been collecting phones for some time and was keen to learn more about the wide range of devices in the museum.

Given the pop-up exhibition was for one night only we were not able to arrange a visit, but our education team arranged for Lewis to be sent a few of the duplicate devices from the museum archive.

We were delighted to receive this picture of Lewis (below) and a lovely note from his Mum saying how excited he was to hear from us. Lewis, who has a rapidly expanding collection, has been using the Mobile Phone Museum website to research the phones he currently owns as well as identify phones he would like to add to his collection in future.

He has also been taking some of his phones to school in order to showcase them to fellow pupils and his teachers.

We wish Lewis the best of luck with his collection and hopefully one day he’ll be able to join the Mobile Phone Museum team to help us research some of the phones where we still need write-ups and also help us identify key phones that are missing from the collection.

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